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Is Nintendo Using The Unreal Engine For New Game Console?

Posted by: on Jun 30, 2015 | No Comments

Yesterday I was working online for a few upcoming TechGeniux post and came across this super cool YouTube video. The video was a remarkable new 3D visual of Mario from the classic Nintendo Super Mario game series, however, the difference was that this Mario was done using the Unreal 4 3D platform to give Mario a cool 3D look and feel.  The environments, textures and animations look flawless. My first impression was that Nintendo had leaked some new footage for the new Nintendo NX console. I was wrong, the video was done by game developer Aryok Pinera and using tools from the Unreal marketplace. Mr. Pinera had help from Leonardo Soares for the coin model and respective textures, as well as music from WizardFruit, Joshua Milo, AdulescensFMusic and Tee Lopes. I’m not sure if the Nintendo next-gen game console NX will produce graphics or use the Unreal Engine for development but looking at this video it could be something if Nintendo decided to use the popular engine to create games for their next game console. See the video below.

Mario in 3D using the Unreal 4 Engine:


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