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Five reasons Linux is a better OS

Posted by: on Mar 8, 2015 | No Comments

Whenever the discussion is turned towards operating systems, Windows and Mac OS X are considered to be the front runners in this race. But, as the computer knowledge is getting more widespread among the people, they are getting more interest in the operating systems and the software that are open source, free and platform independent. This is the main reason that why users are getting attracted towards Linux. Linux is an open source, freely available OS. It widely liked for the advance security and super control it provides. In addition to these, it provides with faster speed, multiple desktops, powerful shell, platform independence and a lot more. Here are the top five causes why Linux is better and preferable in comparison to OS.


Photo Credit: Larry Ewing, Simon Budig, Anja Gerwinski

1.Platform independent
No matter which hardware you use, Linux runs best on everyone ranging from smart phones, tablets and laptops to micro and super computers. The user needs not to worry about the association of the underlining architecture and the Linux OS. Once Linux gets installed on the device, settings and managements will get done themselves because Linux provides with free drivers and other software required for running Linux.



2.Open source and free OS
Linux is not backed by any multi-national and multi-million corporation, but is an open source OS that is available free of cost. We live in the era where computers are found in every second house. As the uses of these devices have increased the need and cost of software have also been increased. The OS like Windows and Mac needs to be bought and are copyrighted, but Linux is not just free of cost but is also open to any modifications. If you are a programmer and want to bring change to the Linux OS, according to your needs so you are allowed to do and publish your work.

3. Security
In the recent “Pwn2Own” competition, both OS X and Windows got hacked while Linux could not. This does not mean other OSs are weak on security, but simply means Linux provides better protection with tools such as SELinux, iptables and fwbuilder in multiple ways and on many levels. There are many free anti-virus and fire-wall software available for Linux. Linux was built with security in mind and most of the malicious programs cannot harm it.

4.System reliability
They are popularly known for their stronger protection and for their quality to run for a long time without any failure. Even though it can run a large number of processes simultaneously, but still provides better flexibility than other OSs. Servers these days are largely switching to Linux due to the flexibility and stability it provides. Windows servers often need defragmentation while Linux eliminates this.

5. Rapid evolutions and automatic updates
Unlike Windows and other OS, Linux publishes new versions within a few months. While, for other OS you might need to wait for years.


Photo Credit: Chealer

There you have it! The top five reasons the Linux operating system is better. Agree or disagree, leave your thoughts in the comment section!

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