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Kokoon EEG Sleep Headphones Arrive On Kickstarter!

Posted by: on May 22, 2015 | No Comments

Having trouble sleeping? Worry no more, the new Kickstarter project headphones Kokoon are here to help you quickly fall asleep or wake in the morning. Kokoon can help you sleep without the aid of drugs or uncomfortable ear plugs smashed in your ears. Kokoon is the first headphone that is comfortable enough to be slept in and smart enough to know how and when to adjust your music as you fall asleep and wake. Wow!


Kokoon States: Audio is one of the best ways to help us relax and switch off naturally. Sleep clinics prescribe thousands of audio based techniques daily and millions of us use audio to relax each day. For the first time we can listen to our music, audiobooks or sleep techniques comfortably in bed without fear that they’ll wake us back up again. Kokoon’s EEG sensors and app give clinical levels of insight and the intelligence to help you improve your sleep.

The project Kickstarter page states that Kokoon headphones are great for in bed at home, on a plane or train or even in a campsite. Just put them on and press play. Kokoon looks after your sleep, optimizing your ambiance and ensuring you have the peace you need to rest. The project had a goal of $100,000 but quickly passed that goal within a day with  $352,056 and  1,616 backers at the time of this post. I’m not sure if an EEG brainwave based system can help you fall asleep but the idea could prove to be a winner if these claims are valid! The initial donation is $169 for a pair of Kokoon headphones with an estimated ship date of February 2016. To learn more visit the Kokoon Kickstarter page today!

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