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Introducing Kerv – The World’s First Contactless Payment Ring!

Posted by: on Oct 6, 2015 | No Comments

Looking for a new cool Kickstarter project to support? I think we may have you covered with a new project that is drumming up excitement all around the Internet. The new gadget is introduced by project manager and UK inventor Philip Campbell unveiled his new Kickstarter project called Kerv. The Kerv is a NFC (device) payment system in the form of a cool sleek ring. Kerv contains a secure NFC contactless payment chip which is activated when brought close to a contactless reader – at retailers, in taxis or on public transport. The card reader treats Kerv in exactly the same way it would a contactless payment card, reading the encrypted data on the chip and authorizing the transaction. Funds are withdrawn from your Kerv prepaid account and transaction details are logged, always keeping you on top of your balance via the Kerv app or the secure website. I can tell you up front that the design alone is extremely cool but the value points don’t stop with just the design. Making payments are simple. Pay with a single gesture – anywhere in the world that accepts contactless payments. No card, PIN, bank account or smartphone required. I’m not a big NFC or ring enthusiast but this does have my attention.

The Kerv Facts:
• Use Kerv to pay anywhere in the world that accepts contactless payments
• Make contactless payments up to £30 (Euro-zone €25, US $25, Canada $100, Australia $100, New Zealand $80, Ireland €15)
• Auto top-up guarantees you’ll always be able to pay
• Get an optional Kerv MasterCard® for higher-value transactions (it’s a prepaid card, not a credit card, so there’s no risk of getting into debt)
• Connect as many Kerv rings and cards as you want to the same online account
• Switch your ring (or card) off and on in your account settings – manually or with a timer
• Perfect way to avoid card clash on London Transport


The Kerv account powers everything. You load it up online, and your rings and prepaid cards draw funds from it – all plumbed-in to the same online account. It works just like a bank account, but you can only spend what you’ve put in, so there are no nasty overdraft fees and no risk of debt. Setting up auto top-up makes life a lot easier all round, and saves any awkwardness at the checkout if your funds run low. The project is seeking to raise $118,182 goal with 21 days to go with a current tally of $87,482 in the bank and counting. The project has attracted 1,119 supporters to bring this project to production. You can learn more about the project on its Kickstarter page or company website. It seems that the Kerv Team may have a winner with the Kerv NFC ring. Only time will tell if it can move to the front line of NFC devices.

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