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Is The Sondors Electric Bike Revolutionary?

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The Sondors Electric Bike has been touted as one of the most versatile and affordable electric bike of all times! With its powerful 350 watt motor, this amazing ebike is ready to change the bike marketplace and this is together with speeds of up to 20mph with all terrain tires. The ebike applies to all and sundry and this is mainly because of its weight which is at 55lbs and the fact that it is able to travel to a range of 30 to 50 miles after being charged once. Its battery only takes about 90 minutes to be fully charged and this is why it has enjoyed success since the campaign started because it appealed to a lot of people.

The e-bike was priced under $500 and up until recently, this awesome ebike has gone on to blow through its target with over $3.403 million being raised on an approximately $75k ask. Fifteen  more days are remaining so those who fancy a powerful yet user-friendly electric bike that will come in handy when going on a hike, consider getting yourself one before time runs out. It is also estimated that after the campaign runs out the price of the bike might go higher so for those who have not yet made up their minds, go on and get it before the price shoots after the campaign. After the campaign ends, the manufacturing process is slated to start on March 2015 and the shipments will start going out on May of the same year. The facilities that will undertake the whole process have been notified in advance and the numbers to be shipped out on May range between 12,000-14,000 units. The founders have also stated that in case the demand increases, another manufacturing order will be done and deliveries to be done in September.

For those who had been duped into believing that the IndieGoGo campaign for the Sondors Electric bike may have been a scam, the founders have planned a showcasing of the ebike at their first demo day in Santa Monica, CA. This quells any rumors that have been going round and it also gives fans a chance to express their feedback on ebike demo.   The ebike market has not largely appealed to lovers of bikes and this is because of the price that is usually well over $1200. With the introduction of the Sondors electric bike, bike lovers will be able to enjoy powerful bikes for much less so get one today and you will be glad that you did!


Learn more about the Sondors Electric Bike on the IndieGoGo project page



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