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It’s an honor for us at TechGeniux on our inaugural blog release to sit down with one of the best concept designers worldwide. We saw your XBOX 360 work and Playstation concepts. Tell us how
you got started in designing?

First, let me thank you for this interview. I love the design for a very long time. I started working on my first concepts when I was 14 years old. I had a talent for drawing, I drew all kinds of things
especially clothes, basketball shoes. At home I have two big binders with over 500 pages each,
dedicated especially for shoesand clothes. and one day, I began to make sketches for products
such as computer and video games because I loved Nintendo so much. Since then, I always draw
sketches each week on current products and most importantly, find products that may be in our
living room in 10 or 20 years.

What does it take to create so many different designs as far as thought and time? What is your
approach to new projects?

Ahh, you know, there is a lot of my concepts that I never released to the media. I have ideas that
come each day. So I try to put in my special notebook for out later. My goal is to change the design,
change the way people perceive objects, working on new forms, new features. Products that I
created are different from what we usually see, which allows people to experience new things, and
see things from other angles than usual.

How has the overall feedback from the Internet been toward your work? And how does that make
you feel? I’m sure you won many awards for your work?

Yes, I can not say otherwise. People are very happy with my work , and I usually receive only
positive reviews , which motivates me every time and that makes me grow day by day . I get
negative reviews for some, but it is also a source of motivation. Playstation 4 concept for example
was one of my biggest success in the media and has been in almost all the major magazines such
as Forbes or Cnet . Which allowed people to have a different idea of my designs. I was awarded
many prizes also in the category of best concepts. The playstation 4 is still among the best and the
first among the best video games concepts . I thank all the people who provide support for these
projects and those who do not. The key is to grow day by day and give people the desire to dream
through a concept .. This is what I did with the Nexus Orbit , my last concept, which has received
only positive reviews in general.

What is the best product you have ever designed? Can you pick one? And why is that design your
best design?

I love all my designs, the smaller or larger. It’s hard to choose just one , but hey, if I really had to pick one , or rather two , it would be OTON and Nexus Orbit . Design for me is all about functionality and shape . The fact that I choose the OTON , it is because it met both. The design is neat and especially well rounded , with inspiration from the world of Formula1. This is a difficult challenge to give people what they really want (see the design of the xbox one example for many people think it is too retro ) and I tried to work on several different designs before finding the perfect design for a small console. The nexus Orbit , because it is a different design, and inspired by contemporary architecture and brings together all the functionality of a next gen console. So as I said , difficult to make a single choice..

We know you design a lot game related concepts but a little off subject, but are you a gamer? If so, what is the system you play right now? Where do you see consoles going ten years from now?

Yes, I’m a big gamer! I started with the NES and Atari , I had the sega genesis , nintendo 64 ,
playstation 1 , playstation 2 , xbox, gamecube , psp , nintendo ds and 3DS , xbox 360, ps3 and psvita
etc. .. For now, I play more on PS3 and PSVita . For the future , I think I have a little doubt . I think consoles at the moment, except that Nintendo really wants to change the video game, the others
are more focused on graphics than to bring real innovations. Kinect is good, but really does not
stick to the video game in my opinion .. But in 10 years I would like a little more innovation ,
intelligent consoles, other styles of controller, smarter games . I have many ideas about it. I think
guys can make them happen.

Have you seen some of your designs produce as real products? If so, how did you feel about seeing your hard work now a 3D/4D product?
I had the chance to work with some agencies and other designers, and we worked on some good
products that are released and there is no more beautiful feeling to see a product, one year before,
was the state of sketches, and then we see it ahead. It is always a pleasure to give life to a concept
or design. I started making shirts for people from my school when I was a kid and it’s always the
same feeling I have when I see one of my designs in real life.

We seen your Google Orbit console concept what spark that design? How was the feedback to that

Honestly, even taking out the front , I knew it would be a success, and it is a success . People
especially liked the design, which is a little different, but as I ‘ve always said, a good design should be combined with good features. Many people have written to me in private message and told me
that this concept is the best concept video game ever seen, because if google took it out , it would
be a true next gen console , not because there a large memory capacity , but because there is so
much innovation for a single console. When I talked about smart console, this is what I’m talking
about. Consoles must be more than just consoles .. Provide functionality that will make the
difference. And this is where nintendo is strong, even if there is no HD and beautiful graphics (like
the Wii ) , it always brings something new . The nexus orbit is the console that people want, I want
to thank them for the support by the way. there are many innovations in my head, so I just put only
5% of them in the nexus orbit , and keep the other for later ..

Just recently, we seen your OTON console work based on Derrick Samuels idea of an autonomous
game console that can self create games without a developer. What are your thoughts on that
console? And how do you see it competing with the other consoles in the market? (Full disclosure
TechGeniux is a separate studio develop by OTON creator Derrick Samuels) What gave you the
passion to design one of the most beautiful consoles I ever saw in a few years?

Above all, what attracted me to this project is that it brings something new . I was a little confused
at first because I wondered how it would happen, but in reality , I saw that it was possible! What
people want is authenticity. When you are different, it’s easier to please people . When you have a
console capable of creating its own games, this is wow! i mean , this is one of the greatest
revolutions we can do in the gaming field for a long time ! To do this would require a design
capable of reflecting the features of this console. That is why the design is so neat, so beautiful. I
tried to remove all unnecessary , and leave only the essentials. Also this console offers a projector
that allows players to play without TV .. it ‘s part as innovations that can sway the hearts of
gamers. People have a different console, which will bring something really different from others,
such as xbox 360 ” and ” PS3 ” .

Beyond gaming hardware what other hobbies do you enjoy doing?
Oh, I have many hobbies, I love to imagine concepts, that is what I do all the time .. I love the sport
in general, basketball, F1, soccer … I also love all about new technology, movies etc.. I like a bit of everything I can say.

Can you give us an idea on how you see technology changing our lives over the next 20 years and
goals you have moving forward in concept designs?

I think a lot about « nano technology » which could change a lot., There could be smaller products,
we can more easily work on shapes etc.. In the next 20 years, for example, mobile phones will not
have screens, it is now impossible to imagine for some, but believe me, it can be done. I think that
computers will not be like that. The more technology moves forward, the more we will find another
way to represent a product. My goal is to project me in 10 or 20 years, imagine how people will
interact with our environment, and many things will change.


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