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HoloLens Dev Kits Shipping To Developers!

Posted by: on Apr 1, 2016 | No Comments


The developer version of HoloLens, the Development Edition, started shipping on 30 March 2016, and is targeted to developers in the United States and Canada for a whopping price of $3,000. With other VR and AR game headsets coming to market in the next few months the Microsoft HoloLens headset definitely has some tough competition to obtain the number one status in the market. With other well known headsets such as the  Oculus Rift which retail for $350 and the new Playstation headset retailing for $399 when it ships in mid October 2016 customers will have a great list of options.

So the big question is what do you get for a $3,000 HoloLens Dev Kit? Inside the box is the HoloLens, carrying case, and a device called a “Clicker” which is designed to help you navigate the user interface. From all the reports I read it seem that the HoloLens could be a game changer in the space and the Oculus Rift and other devices better step up to the plate if they wish to achieve a solid foot hole in the space. I can’t say for sure on how the HoloLens will change the market but I never turn the other way when I see cool tech innovation.

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