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Are You Ready For Microsoft HoloLens Technology?

Posted by: on Apr 30, 2015 | No Comments

Are you ready for the next generation of virtual reality? Well Microsoft is betting that you are with the introduction of their new virtual reality hardware called HoloLens. The tech giant gave a demonstration of the holographic headset at its Build conference in San Francisco yesterday. The demo showed users how the tech could work in a home environment with interactions with everyday apps and content while wearing the device.


HoloLens headset

The virtual 3D technology space is an emerging market as tech companies are in search of the next big breakthrough in tech. With competition from the Facebook property Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear and Google headsets the market is bring top players to get the first commercial headset in the heads of the mainstream tech customer. Microsoft announced that the new Windows 10 universal apps will be able to support the HoloLens interface. The company states, HoloLens combines breakthrough hardware, input, and machine learning so you can bring mixed reality experiences to life using the real world as your canvas. The company is working to release development tools. Developers can start by building Windows universal apps and ramping up on Unity.


HoloLens Demo

I must admit I like the HoloLens design. The design seems to look better than other virtual reality headsets I seen in the past. Microsoft has yet to announce pricing and availability for the HoloLens headset but expect that information in a few weeks or months after initial developer feedback is complete. What do you think? do you like the new HoloLens from Microsoft? share your thoughts in the comments.

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