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Game Analytic Platform Help Developers Measure Performance!

Posted by: on Jul 16, 2015 | No Comments

From the time developers started looking at how people actually play games, games analytics have always been the part of the game since to some extent. Yes, from very beginning game analytics are involved in gaming strategies, however it is evolved with higher notes since past few years. Now game analytics is more deeply integrated with game development which has formed an explosive development in the gaming industry.
From the time of mobile evolution, a large number of developers trusted game analytics to track thousands of apps. Game analytics integration gives basic insights into users and app performance within minutes. It sets up advance analysis of intricate events to get an easy and deep understanding of everything your users are doing. Game analytics are absolutely free at any scale since the initiative taken to the top of the charts. It is compatible with iOS, blackberry, android, Windows phone, and mobile web.


1. Measuring Action
Events are a way to measure actions and foundational understanding of customer interface usage. It optimizes customer experience through every menu tap, level completion and purchase. It captures more detail on getting deeper level with event parameters, quantity and type of purchase.
2. User interface recognition
Game analytics identify drawbacks in the game flow and enables a good user experience. It keeps checking on the customer progress as you wanted to be by asking queries about gaming experience.
3. Conversion Optimization
Game analytics creates funnels to measure conversion with a range of levels that you want your users to complete. For instance, making purchases, attempting tutorials, or proceeding towards higher levels in the game, automated conversion funnels calculate and store all data so you can evaluate them according to your need.

4. Powerful Demographic fragmentation
Game analytics uses fragmented knowledge into the behavior of users that matters in calculating data. It provides behavioral analysis of potential buyers, gender and nationality based acquisitions effectively. Game analytics perfectly estimates the demographics for your app even if your app doesn’t collect information. By understanding your audience, you can target your potential buyers effectively.
5. Benchmarks Your App
Game analytics enables its users to evaluate the competency with same-category benchmarks as it tracks more than half million apps, the app’s session, length, usage frequency can easily be monitored with the benchmark.
6. User acquisition
Game analytics Maximizes your app’s marketing ROI and optimize app traffic absolutely for free. It empowers app marketers by optimizing app traffic acquisition across all marketing channels.

I think the Game Analytic platform is a great tool for game developers to track daily growth and engagement. Once our project is near completion I will definitely reach out to the Game Analytic team to see how we can incorporate their tool into our game platform. To learn more about the Game Analytic platform please visit the website here!

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