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FREE OTON X Game Console Developer Unit Giveaway!

Posted by: on Feb 21, 2015 | No Comments

Do you want to get your hands on a FREE OTON developer unit? Well today here is your chance to win a free EnGeniux OTON developer (dev) unit! Today, the EnGeniux Corporation announces that the OTON X developer giveaway! The developments units are not final models but early quality units for media, early adopters and developers to finally demo the hardware and software. The OTON development units will only create basic 2D games and ship with a few Linux classic games. These units will be in very limited supply (100 units). The odds of snagging one limited submit your email for a chance to free win a unit!


The OTON X console is the first artificial intelligent autonomous game console to self-create game levels and games without a full-time developer. The system operates with  a custom algorithm with design parameters and a sprite database to create custom game environments. This process saves time and money and also allow developers to supply new game content to players much faster.


The OTON X dev (developer) units are on sale at for $399 if you want to bypass the chance to win for a more definitely process to   secure unit! Some customers will receive this unit and the final updated unit in 2015. The unit will ship with the OTON controller, dev console and basic software for game creation and auto creation. The system is using EnGeniux new custom Chromium operating system to power the console. The company is using this promotion to help promote the system to developers and gamers. Only 47 days remain to enter. For a chance to win the unit visit


Update: Only one person will win the unit. With second and third place earning free OTON tee shirts. To win the unit, you must have the most referrals and shares. The Kickoff Lab system will keep track of the tally of referrals you receive.  So tweet, share on Facebook and Google social network!
P.S. Be sure to share and mention TechGeniux sent you for a chance to win!

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