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New VR Competitor Called FOVE Launching On Kickstarter Today!

Posted by: on May 20, 2015 | No Comments

The Oculus Rift headset has a new competitor in the virtual reality (VR) game space called FOVE. The new VR headset is heading to Kickstarter to raise $250,000 to bring the FOVE headset to market.  The Project press release states, “FOVE is a groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) headset, which utilizes eye-tracking technology, something missing from any other current VR headset. FOVE enables users to truly immerse themselves into virtual reality worlds, by allowing instant and precise user interface ( UI) control using sight, and human connections with VR  characters. FOVE is aiming to raise $250,000 to perfect the product and start manufacturing, bringing the essential feature of eye-tracking to the VR world.” The FOVE specifications combines an impressive 2560×1440 VR display with precision eye-tracking and motion tracking, allowing users to fully explore 360-by-360-degree virtual worlds u sing both their head and eyes. FOVE projects your gaze into 3D space, enabling you to quickly and accurately communicate with and control the virtual environment like never before. With FOVE, eyes are used for enhanced input control, providing faster, more accurate, and more natural input than with traditional mouse, keyboard, or controller; which were developed primarily for interactions in 2 dimensions.

Fove 1

Yuka Kojima, CEO and Co-Founder of FOVE, explains, “Our eye-tracking technology is able to read very subtle eye movements and translate these into user- intention and emotion. By adding this extra recognition, we can not only control the objects in VR, but also bring real human connection into virtual reality.”


FOVE eye-tracking can also help solve one of the major hurdles for VR: the excessive hardware required for high quality rendering. Outside the center of a person’s field of view, our vision is very poor, with our brain filling in most of the missing details. Foveated rendering can focus fidelity on the part of our vision that matters the most, leading to better performance e on lower-end hardware, such as laptops or even smartphones. A further benefit of eye-tracking is focus expression, by calculating the subtle parallax between pupils, FOVE can present virtual environments with realistic depth of field, improving immersion and allowing eyes to relaxing when viewing objects at varying depths. FOVE is leading the 3rd generation of Virtual Reality evolution.


Currently, FOVE has 306 backers with a current total of $132,689 donations in the bank with 45 days to go earn the entire $250,000. The project is offering it’s development kit for $349 today but the price will increase to $399 once the project is released. Not sure if this new VR headset can challenge the Oculus rift but I do know I like the eye-tracking feature and the sleek design. I’m not a super big VR guy but I can tell the space is on fire. Only time will tell if the FOVE is a true challenger to Rift and the many other new VR headsets popping up on the scene. To learn more about FOVE visit the project Kickstarter page.  Do you like the new FOVE VR headset? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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