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Flyte The Levitating Light Bulb Arrives On Kickstarter!

Posted by: on Apr 23, 2015 | No Comments

Do you want to see something cool today? Well I definitely have something cool to share! Let me introduce you to the new Kickstarter project called Flyte, the levitating lightbulb! Have you ever dreamt of having a cool gadget that could aimlessly hover in the air plus provide a necessary source of light? The wait is over…that dream is now a reality with the new Kickstarter project from a Stockholm, Sweden inventor Simon Morris.

“When I was 16, I dreamt of having a hoverboard, I became so fascinated with magnetic levitation, I began building my own prototypes with magnets. 15 years later I built a hoverboard prototype. Although I couldn’t ride on it, it floated in the air. I began sharing it with friends and remember the look on people’s faces”.—Simon Morris

The Flyte works by means of electromagnets and magnetic induction charger secretly hidden away in the wooden base. When the bulb is lower to the base the outermost electromagnets serve to attract the bulbs base and the inner magnets work to resist the force of the bulb. Kind of giving the bulb a magnetic yin and yang effect. These forces work to hold the bulb in place and cause it to levitate a few centimeters above the block. In my opinion this is truly a glimpse into the future with the possibility of hover car transportation. Wireless power transfer transmission has been around since the days of Nikola Tesla. With FLYTE we’ve packed some of Tesla’s tech and combined it with magnetic levitation, opening up a magical world of possibilities. Our wireless power module transmits about 5V and is completely safe and harmless. Edison and Tesla can finally be friends.


The Flyte project has a total of 248 backers as of this post with a goal of $80,000 required to successful get the project funded. The project has secured $65,315 from the 248 backers and is posed to close in on the final goal in a few days if not sooner. The Flyte bulb and hover effect is definitely a cool site to see and great party conversation piece. Learn more about the project on the Flyte Kickstarter page.

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