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The History of Facebook

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Facebook’s forebear was known as Facemash. Facemash was operational from 8th October 2003. The inventor of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg first wrote the software for the Facemash. Zuckerberg thought of something new and started working on a new website from January 2004, that site is now known as the Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg officially launched the site on 4th February 2004. The Crimson of Harvard, states that Zuckerberg said, students want Facebook that is universal within Harvard. His intention was to create a universal website that could help establish contact between people.

Facebook_logo - Copy
Zuckerberg launched a version that was compatible for schools in September 2005. He named it the next logical step. On October 1st 2005, Facebook service was available in twenty one universities in the United Kingdom, the ITESM system in Mexico (approximately thirty campuses around the whole country at one time), the International University of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands University network in the United States of America Virgin Islands. The Facebook at that time required an invitation request for joining the network.  Later, Facebook started expanding the memberships and started giving it to the employees of many different companies renowned ones are, Microsoft and Apple. Further addition of universities and colleges was seen in December 2005. Universities of Australia and New Zealand were added to the Facebook network on 11th December 2005. After the addition of universities from Australia and New Zealand, the Facebook platform had a great number of members. Today the total is around two thousand plus colleges and twenty five hundred plus high schools all across Canada, United States of America, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and The United Kingdom. After this massive increase in members and figures in registrations, the Facebook was opened to everyone above 13 years of age and of course a verified email address. This step of putting it public was taken on 26th September 2006.

In 2007, Facebook had 100,000 business pages. This helped the companies to interact with their potential clients and brief them about their businesses. Initially, these were just simple group pages which later led to an idea of creating pages which were called Company pages. By the end of October 2008, Facebook gave a statement of shifting and establishing their Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.  According to surveys and reports, by February 2011, Facebook became the largest picture hosting website. By October 2011, more than 350 Million people had accessed Facebook using their cell phones which remarkably made 33 percent of all the Facebook traffic. Yahoo filed a suit against Facebook in United States Federal Court on 12th March 2012. This suit resulted in Facebook’s app center being rolled out. It had approximately 500 applications, mostly games. After that, Facebook started working normally again and in April 2014 Facebook in collaboration with Storyful released a new feature in the market that was called FB Newswire.


Photo Credit: Elaine Chan and Priscilla Chan Mark Zuckerberg 2005

Facebook today is a social networking website allowing people to interact with each other across borders freely, allowing businessmen to promote their businesses, allowing marketers to increase clientele for a firm and much more. It is a whole new concept and many different features have made this particular site stand out of all others. Ease of access for the user is the main point that attracts people to use Facebook.

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