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EnGeniux Unveils New OTON Preview Desktop PC Today!

Posted by: on Sep 11, 2018 | No Comments


Today artificial intelligence startup EnGeniux unveiled its new OTON Preview PC for early adopters, developers and tech enthusiast.  The unit will come equip with an updated version of the OTON X software from 2016. The system will come with new software features and applications.  The OTON Preview is a limited test unit that will provide feedback for EnGeniux forthcoming OTON Infinity system.

OTON_Infinity_ Black_New_Unit

The OTON Preview is a prequel to the OTON Infinity system with some of the Infinity features and applications. The OTON Infinity hybrid lifestyle PC will be the first autonomous platform to support PC, console-like functions and 4K projector (10,000 LED Life Hours) operating under one platform. The system has attributes similar to those of other forthcoming autonomous devices such as drones, cars and home automation systems; the difference is that OTON can self-create content, offer real-time help for PC task and create games without human input. This new system will lean more toward personal user value, entertainment anywhere and AI assistance instead of 100 percent focus on games. EnGeniux end goal is to provide customers with a business/home support based AI system supported by multi-OTON neural networks and the OTON Infinity is the first step in that direction.


For now the OTON Preview unit will be available at for preorders with a limited amount of units, “150 units” for pre-order. No pricing or specs have not being release for the OTON Preview Unit. The OTON Preview units are expected to ship mid December 2018.

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