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The History of E3 Expo Show!

Posted by: on Mar 21, 2015 | No Comments

The E3 2015 Expo show is around the corner and scheduled for June 16-18 of this year at the Los Angeles Convention Center. . Today I thought it would be cool to take a peek at the history of the E3 show. I went to my first E3 show in 2006 and unveiled my first game console called EVO. Enough about me, lets take a look back at the history of E3! E3 basically stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo. Before the starting of E3 expo, there was a similar sort of an Expo known as CES (consumer electronics show). The Electronic Entertainment Expo started in 1995 and has kept on running throughout all these years till the last year’s latest expo in 2014. For all these years, the conference was given the name of the E3 Media and Business Summit in 2007 and 2008. From 1995 to 2006, it was known as Electronic Entertainment Expo and from 2009 onwards, same name the Electronic Entertainment Expo carried on.


There were many different phases and a lot happened in so many years. A glimpse of what happened is briefed below. In the first ever E3, Sony was entered in the video game industry. The item that Sony forwarded was the PlayStation. Sega came up with Saturn taking the year advantage over the Nintendo system because Nintendo had announced its Nintendo64 which was going to be released in the coming year’s summer. On the other hand, Nintendo used this time and made Virtual Boy, which was a total failure. Many games were shown at the conference both for the PlayStation and Saturn. No doubt it was the first year of Expo, but it turned out to be a big event in the gaming field. The expo had a stunning 50,000 attendees.
This event or conference became the platform for revealing new items. In 1996, Nintendo revealed Nintendo64 and Super Mario. Resident Evil was the first product of Capcom. Many companies promoted their games in this 3 day seminar. It was held from 16th May to 18th May in California. The next year, E3 was organized in Atlanta, Georgia. First person shooter games were first revealed here. The number of attendees was 40,000 this year in 97.

The event had many new arrivals over a period of time, and by the year 2000, PlayStation2 and Xbox were introduced. Nintendo was still running its Nintendo64 but there was a talk in town that GameBoy Advance was under making. The expo had 45,000 attendees this year. In 2001, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube, both new systems were showcased. Microsoft announced games first season for Xbox. Nintendo also revealed its GameCube in this event. This year, here in Los Angeles California, the attendees figure was astonishing 62,000.


All these years, advancements were being made and Sixth generation consoles were being made and this was probably the last year to focus on sixth generation consoles. With attendees reaching 65,000 in number, Sony announced that PS3 or Play Station 3 would be seen in the coming year. 2005 was the year when this Expo was first time broadcasted on television. Sony gave what they promised last year, they launched PlayStation 3. After all the events and years of unveiling new games, the Expo continues with full energy. Competitors competing with each other to launch latest items in the market before others do. Technological advancements and graphical advancements have made gaming a luxury pastime sport. And this Expo provides the platform where people can share new and different stuff. The Expo was finally announced to be held in Los Angeles California and is being held in LA annually with large numbers of attendees every year.

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