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Is The Sega Dreamcast The Greatest Console Of All Time?

Posted by: on Mar 1, 2015 | No Comments

We continue our special post on what console is the greatest console of all time. Last week we showcased the Atari 2600 among some of the elite candidates destined to be the greatest console of all time. So far on our list we have the Atari 2600 and the Playstation 4. Today, we take a peek at the Sega Dreamcast and its impact on gaming, culture and revolutionary system that was the origin of online gaming.

Photo Credit: Evan-Amos

Photo Credit: Evan-Amos

Sega made history in the video game industry when it first launched the Dreamcast Console back in 1999. Although it was a great revolutionary gaming console, it was also a bit underrated. Despite the lack of appreciation, the console had the specifications that were unmatched in the market as it brought amazing graphics to the consumers and was designed in a very compact manner. The whole console was aimed at being user friendly which was quite appealing to the consumers. It had everything to be the best gaming console in the video game history, but the console did not reach heights of success that were expected mainly because of the bad reputation that the company had earned previously in the market through a couple of bad releases.

Rival PlayStation 2
In the year 1999 the format of DVD was just starting to be introduced and the DVD players were quite expensive at that time. In that year Sega released the Dreamcast Console and consumers were a bit disappointed because Dreamcast did not have the ability to play DVDs. On the other hand, Sony played an interested game and announced introduction of PlayStation 2 while stating that it would have the ability to play DVDs. In this manner Sony was not only able to grab sales from traditional video game players but also those families that loved watching DVDs at home.
Specialty of Sega Dreamcast.


Photo Credit: Evan-Amos

Although Dreamcast could not play DVDs, it was still a special device. It used GD-ROM technology which was a much better technology than CD in terms of storage, but this was a concept that was old an under-appreciated. What made Dreamcast special were its compact design and its weight, a concept that was not picked by Sony when it released PlayStation 2, but later released a slimmer version of it. It had the ability to plug in four controllers and had a lid on the top where the CD was inserted. The controllers of the console were also revolutionary as they offered added grip. Perhaps the main reason why Dreamcast was set to be a hit back in 1999 was because of the games that were set to be released for it. Games like Sonic 3D, NFL and Crazy Taxi were ready to grab the young audiences but unfortunately it was not able to compete with Sony despite the original and innovative games it was offering.

It is difficult to say whether Sega Dreamcast is the best console of all time or not, but it is a fact that Dreamcast had something that no other gaming console had at that time. It had a huge collection of original games along with amazing graphics. But unfortunately Dreamcast had issues of its own when it came to reading the discs. It also released controllers that were interesting, but were also questioned by the new adopters of consoles due to which the rivals soon grabbed an edge over it.

There you have it. The Sega Dreamcast. Share your thoughts and comments!

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