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EnGeniux Ding Audio Headphones To Be Bundled With OTON Console!

Posted by: on Sep 3, 2015 | No Comments

The EnGeniux Corporation announce the introduction of its new headphones called Ding Audio. The Ding Audio headphones will provide music users, video game players, music indie artist, and media professionals’ low cost quality headphones. The initial costs for the Ding Audio SERIES ONE headphones are $49.99 at

The Ding Audio headphones can be connected to any mobile device via Bluetooth, powered by a lithium battery with incoming phone call vibration alerts. The SERIES ONE Ding Audio headphones will come in four colors (Red, Black, White, and White/Blue color options) with more colors coming in the future. Ding headphones also come with a 1 year warranty upon purchase. Ding headphones come with a 1 year warranty and “Damage Free Guarantee”. The Ding Damage Free Guarantee provides accidentally damage reassurance protection for damage Ding headphones free of charge within a 6 month timeframe of purchase.

DING WEBSITE - Homepage2

Ding Specifications:

1. Bluetooth® V3.0 + EDR wireless transmission protocol
2. Vibration reminder when phone call received
3. Transmission distance and range (10 m, 360°)
4. Bluetooth profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
5. Large, over-ear design; loudspeaker with superior sound quality
6. Low-power indicator; power status can be shown in cell phone after connected via Bluetooth
7. Unique, around-the-head wearing style provides all-day comfort and ease of use
8. High-quality Bluetooth headset with music and phone functions
9. Battery type: 250 mAH Lithium battery
10. 40 mm high-fidelity audio earplugs; life-like clear sound
11. Speaking key, volume control keys, music key, and up/down song keys
12. Wired and wireless style fit for laptop/iPhone/iPad/smartphones
13. Colors: white, black, red, and blue in stock (color and logo can be customized)
14. Standby time: over 230 hours
15. Sleek style and design

Ding Audio headphones can be used for listening to music, video games and videos. What makes Ding headphones different from other brands is the high level of quality at an affordable price. With our forth coming Android and Iphone Ding App customer can get instant alerts to new media content, music and games directly to their mobile headset.  The Ding Audio headphones will be bundle with EnGeniux OTON X development unit called OTON X Deluxe version. The OTON/Ding combo package want be available until November. EnGeniux will however give all preorder customers a pair of the Ding Audio headphones for free due to the late shipment of the console. These free Ding headphones will be shipping to customers in a few weeks. The Ding headphones will ship before OTON due to delays in the final build of the software. All standing preorder customers please email EnGeniux at to supply the color of your requested Ding Audio headphones.

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