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Deliveroo Continue To Grow With Real-Time Food Deliveries!

Posted by: on Jun 18, 2015 | No Comments

Deliveroo delivers food from top restaurants to places and offices. Their aim is to provide speedy delivery of the food by well-mannered and responsible drivers to the customers. As everyone is not able to get food from their favorite restaurant because of limited break time in offices or long distance so Deliveroo provide their services in these situations.

Founder of Deliveroo:
It was founded by William Shu, who has a background in finance and Greg Orlowski with an idea to quickly and responsively deliver quality food to their customers. It was London based food delivery policy. Deliveroo has served 74,000 hungry customers. The founders were themselves passionate foodies and like to eat good food in a short time, so they decided to solve this problem by establishing delivery.

Established in and workers employed:
Delivery was established in 2013, and 300 drivers were hired as self-employs. They were used to deliver the food from 750 best restaurants to the customers according to their demands. The customers order the food from start-up’s app that was delivered in 32 minutes. They give them good wages like they can earn 3000 euro per month and they also provide scooters to their workers.
Service availed:
After its establishment over 50,000 people availed this service and 80 percent customers used it twice or several times due to its speedy service and its quality. They satisfy their customers by their quality and responsible behavior. Sunday is a peaceful day for most people, but not for Deliveroo it is their busiest day. Shu said that people use to order unhealthy die like burgers and pizzas on weekends and on weekdays they order salads, juices and move towards a healthier diet.


Competition in the market:
As there is a hard competition in the market for Deliveroo but at Deliveroo they focus more on its quality than convenience, because others could also provide convenience, but the quality is most crucial part of their business. It is only famous for its best quality, speedy service ,friendly and responsible drivers.
Uniqueness of Deliveroo:
The Deliveroo has the uniqueness that it deliver food where ever you are, you don’t need to be inside the bricks or mortal to enjoy this service. They deliver food in parks and make your picnic more wonderful.


Online service:
You can order online and get the required food from your favorite restaurant in a minimum time. Deliveroo is different from other online food delivery services in that it applies its own drivers and online logistics platform to save food from higher end eateries.
Online ordering and delivery has made this easier for the customer to give feedback about the services , workers or their quality.

With  a new $25 million series B funding earlier this year  Deliveroo continues to grow and redefine it’s market share in the food delivery space in other European markets. Only time will tell if Deliveroo business model can sustain and grow into an even more profitable company.

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