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A step Ahead to Innovation: Google DeepMind Artificial Intelligence System

Posted by: on Mar 2, 2015 | No Comments

When it comes to innovation, Google has surely stepped ahead from the rest of the information technologies. Pushing limits beyond, Google is bringing a continuous revolution in the industry of Information Technology with its research and development. Being the most popular search engine and providing services of Google Maps and Gmail, this company has invented some of the most advanced technology influenced services like Trendalizers, Google Goggles, Recaptcha Adwords and acquisition of Nest. It is now ready to acquire London based artificial intelligence startup company “DeepMind Technologies”. Reportedly, possession is finalized in $650 million which was a winning deal over Facebook who was in solemnized talks with DeepMind offering $400 million for acquisition since a year.

Acquiring an artificial intelligence company is definitely made to gain business in deep neural network and reinforcement-learning advantages with implementation of its human resources through AI experts. DeepMind is a startup funded by Skype developer Jann Tallin and founded by Demis Hassabis, Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman. By putting these highly skilled inventor, entrepreneur and author next to Ray Kurzweil (a futurist hired as a director of engineering), Google can arise to act as a search engine which could be more apt as a cybernetic friend. Many questions were raised by critics about the requirement of robotic creators for search engine. However, the questions have been answered that Google required robotic creators for moving forward and to be adaptable with every info-tech innovation. After confirmation of this news, concerns aroused were settled by Google who agreed to establish an ethics board to ensure AI isn’t abused. However, an explanation is still required on the mode of services that DeepMind’s AI experts offer to a search engine. Official site of DeepMind is still under construction and vaguely define their mission as “Solve Intelligence”.

The Birth of Artificial Intelligence
“A system or machine that thinks” is the basic idea of creating artificial intelligence. Something that is more active than human yet it thinks like a human. However, the adverse effects what AI might be able to do to humanity is quite chilling for many, as the distance between human mind and artificial intelligence must be respected. What DeepMind’s algorithm represents can truly be a breakthrough, but what Google can bring on a large scale is something beyond consideration. Hope they probe the company away from morally suspect applications. Google has now placed a milestone in an era of information technology with the application of Artificial Intelligence.

Part 2 of 10 of TechGeniux post on artificial intelligence.

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