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Loot Crate “Box of Fun!”

Posted by: on Jun 15, 2015 | No Comments

Loot Crate was established by a group of gamers who wanted to start an online website for retailing. The reason behind its existence was to bring back the lost charm of Comic-Con and PAX. The company sends a mystery box themed to its subscribers every month. There are more than 300,000 Loot Crate subscribers. The subscription boxes are filled with gear such as wine, books and other geeky goodies. In order to get a subscription box, one must subscribe to the Loot Crate and select plan. The subscribers are given the authority to cancel their subscription at any time. The company partners with renowned product companies to give their subscribers the best gear every month. The crate is shipped to the looter community. The monthly crates are filled with exclusive gear such clothing, accessories, games, geeky gadgets, stickers and other geeky gear. A mega crate of worth $200,000 is sent to the lucky winner. However, the members have to share their subscription box experiences with the looter community. A basic monthly subscription cost around $13.95 per month. The gear in the mega crate is more exclusive and contains better gadgets than regular geeky subscription boxes.


The Loot Crate’s primary focus is on the themes of its subscription boxes. The company offers various amazing themes on a monthly basis before the shipment. The contents and mystery of the box revolve around these themes. However, the gear inside the box is not dispatched. The theme is a way to add a little more excitement and mystery to what will be present inside the box. The looters connect with each other through the Looter’s community. The entire community has been developed online. It gives them the freedom to share their experiences of the Loot Crate’s subscription boxes. It makes the website adaptable without the standard way of advertising. There are many brands that are missing from the social network. Loot Crate intends to bring more and more brands to its audience. Although, the business is still striving on a road of success, but it idealizes to bring better deals in the future. Loot Crate has achieved a lot in a short time. The achievement of the company is not what is present inside the box, but it’s about the riddle that the subscription box holds. Every month, the looters solve a mystery. Loot Crate plans its whole approach very carefully. The whole idea behind this is to bring back the mystery of shows like Comic-Con and PAX.

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