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Which Game Console Has The Best Controllers?

Posted by: on Mar 14, 2015 | No Comments

Question. What game console has the best controllers? Let’s take a quick review of each game console controller and you tell us which is better? Controllers can be reviewed and judged based on different aspects, but some of the most important factors that determine the quality level of a controller are the comfort level they offer, portability and the battery life. These factors are good enough to judge the controllers of PS4, Xbox One and Wiiu, but usually the final conclusion will be established based on personal preference that is unique for every gamer. One thing that we can state for a fact is that these controllers are better than the controllers that were offered by Xbox 360 and PS3 based on human understanding.

When PS4 was launched along with its new controller, several new improvements were observed in comparison to the PS3’s controller. These improvements are mainly because of the fact that the DualShock 4 is larger in comparison which makes it more convenient for the gamers to handle the controllers. The grip has also improved which allows the gamers to play games for a longer period of time, as compared to the game time on PS3. Some other improvements that we saw in PS4’s controllers were regarding the analog sticks. The design of analog sticks has been modified and it has improved the movement and has made it more accurate. PS4 controller also comes with a touchpad that is on the front. Moreover, it is also equipped with a mono speaker and both of these innovations have improved the interactions of the gamers with the game. The interactions have not only improved, but they are also now unique in PS4 controller. The game developers found these interaction improvements interesting, and will definitely exploit this feature in the future and will adapt to it in a better way.

When it comes to the decision regarding the better controller, one may say that PS4 owners are really satisfied with the controllers as they have experienced massive improvements while switching to the DualShock 4 and moving on from DualShock 3. This may be a result of the surprise and wow factor that PS4 has arrived with, and there are chances that such satisfaction may wear out sooner or later. In the end it is all based on opinion. People who are loyal to Sony will find the dual analog sticks more comfortable, whereas the Xbox fans will find comfort in the offset analog sticks and this is mainly because Microsoft has used and maintained this technology as the company has progressed.

On the other hand, the WiiU controller is basically a reinvented version of the Xbox 360 controller as it comes with the wheel. It is made up of plastic, and seems a bit cheap. Consumers were not really satisfied with the WiiU controller because the company was probably not aware of the consumer complaints that had been registered in the past. Although the WiiU controller is a turn off to the eyes, it still has efficiency in it as it is responsive and accurate. It can be said that WiiU’s controller is basically a mixture of Xbox 360 and PS3 controller, but only with better efficiency.


There you have it. I’m a little bias toward the Nintendo controllers since I’m a old school Nintendo fan boy. However, once the Playstation game controller arrived on the scene my opinion started to drift toward the Playstation controllers in the 90’s. Enter the new Xbox 360 controllers and just like that my opinion shifted again. As a gamer, I want a controller that is comfortable, easy to use and not heavy as a brick but not as lite as a feather in my hand. The game controller should feel like a third hand when playing long gaming marathons. If you forced me into giving my final opinion I would give it to the Xbox 360/Xbox One  controllers. Again, I ask the question, which console has the best controllers? Sacrifice my opinion to the gaming Gods in the comments! : )

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