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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice-5 Major Questions From The New Trailer!

Posted by: on Apr 21, 2015 | No Comments

Last week was truly an amazing week for movie geeks and nerds like me. We saw the release of the three blockbuster movie trailers. Yes, I said three trailers. I’m also counting another Marvel/20th Century Fox film among elite blockbusters this summer. We saw the second teaser for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer and the Fantastic Four teaser trailer with extended footage in the last few days. This post will shine light on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (BvS) today with five major questions everyone had after watching this history making trailer. I like to vouch that I’m a hardcore comicbook fan from the early 80’s and late 90’s and watching the BvS trailer was absolutely an eye-opening experience. Unlike the mega buzz Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer received the BvS trailer didn’t have the benefit of full a fledge celebration to whip fans into a frenzy like Star Wars did with the Star Wars Celebration held last week but The BvS first teaser has already racked up over 21 million views on YouTube. The trailer has also sparked identical debate and excitement over the last few days regarding what direction the BvS movie will take our two favorite super heroes in the DC universe.



Here are the five major questions from the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser  trailer. Drum roll…..


Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

5. Does Metropolis still support Superman? We all witness Superman and General Zod destroy Metropolis in 2013 Man of Steel. I understood the logic of leaving everything on the screen budget wise for this first Superman reboot but I think the director (Zack Snyder ) gave too much destruction to the city for a first outing. Superman (Henry Cavill) and General Zod (Michael Shannon) leveled Metropolis. I mean how many people were killed, and why no definite aftermath of the destruction? There are small flaws in the film but an overall better revamping of the Superman series from the failed 2006 Superman Returns. Man of Steel however still managed to bring in $662,845,518 worldwide. So with that all said what repercussions Superman will face by his fellow Metropolis citizens. It’s obvious a few people are on Superman side, he had a freaking statue built in his image for crying out loud. I’m sure a few Metropolis citizens have mix feelings for the big guy. I think Zack Snyder heard the fans because it seems Metropolis appeared to be on the road to recovery and rebuilding the city. I saw a construction crane in the far background.


Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

4. Does Superman have his own army? The next scene in the trailer that made me think was with Superman walking toward four men with combat gear and helmet kneeling was strange. It seem like this scene is happening underground in a secure bunker. Why are these guys kneeling before the Man of Steel? Why in the heck do these men have Superman insignia’s on their combat clothes? Did General Zod from Superman 2 (1981) rub off on Superman 2016? I can’t tell if Superman is happy about these guys kneeling before him or not. This is definitely a scene I can’t wait for in the movie. I go back to my original question; does Superman have his own freaking hit squad army?


Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

3. Does the world see superman as a God? The feeling I get from the trailer is that not only does Superman Metropolis citizens have mix feelings about the Man of Steel but the world seem to have the same mix feelings. You get that feeling from the news voiceovers during the opening of the trailer. When the Superman statue is finally revealed you can see the words “False God” spray painted on the chest. Is the graffiti a ploy from Lex Luther to discredit Superman? We can also tell that Superman is not just based in Metropolis this time around but he appears in what seem like Russia dead lifting a massive rocket. Does Superman visit Mexico? In one scene he is surrounded by awe-shocked crowd with their faces painted like Day Of The Dead revellers. What I’m getting from this scene is Superman is a bit uncomfortable about the God-like worship. The next scene in the trailer really drives this messiah like God theory home with him hover in the sky with the sun as a back drop with someone’s out reaching hands lingering toward Superman. How does Superman feel about the God-like status?


Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

2. How does Bruce Wayne/Batman come in conflict with Superman? For the record I can say this writer has never had an issue with Mr. Ben Afflect donning the cape and cowl of Batman. It’s just going to come down to Zack Snyder direction and the script. The script is what I think hurt Man of Steel. The Man of Steel wasn’t a bad film but I wish the screenplay in the 2013 film was a little tighter making the overall product on screen better. A more polish screenplay would have deeply helped Man of Steel. I hope that BvS writers learned from their pass error. I think Mr. Afflect has the acting chops and we can definitely tell he has the muscles to look like a one man wrecking crew. I’m not sure how many people seen Mr. Afflect in the 2006 film HollywoodLand. I’m not saying that the movie was a homerun but I really enjoyed Mr. Afflect work in that film. The challenges for BvS are getting Bruce Wayne right and definitely doing Batman right. The scene when Batman walked into full view was epic. The new Batsuit is awesome! But the questions remain; can Ben Afflect do justice for both Bruce Wayne and Batman to please the diehard fans?


Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

1. Batman vs Superman? This is the first live action film to bring these two comicbook icons together for the first time on film and its definitely a challenge for the BvS creative team. This pairing may have being done in comics with ease but for a live feature film this is going to be important that the script is solid to make it work correctly. Why are these two superhero icons at odds? Is Bruce angry that Superman smashed one of his satellites in Man of Steel? Does Batman see Superman as a threat to mankind? I can’t quite get the overall idea of these guys clashing on live film because it’s so surreal. When will the big $500 million dollar mega fight take place? Will the big fight take place in the middle or end of the film? Does Metropolis have new superhero insurance coverage to cover this insane slugfest these two will have in  downtown Metropolis? I will close with this…the writers need a equally solid beginning and middle to the film to do a good build to the big showdown we moviegoers are wishing to see. I leave with this last question. Will BvS delivery?

The cast includes Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter and Gal Gadot. Batman v Superman is scheduled for a nationwide release March 26, 2016.

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