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BUDDY : Your Family’s Companion Robot Lands On Indiegogo!

Posted by: on Jul 9, 2015 | No Comments

Yesterday, a new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign went live for BUDDY, the world’s first affordable companion robot. The BUDDY campaign goal was to raise $100,000 in 35 days, but the campaign smashed that goal within 24 hours of the initial launch on Indiegogo. The campaign saw 162 backers pour $103, 966 into the Blue Frog Robotics. The project has set aside 35 days to raise the $100K but did it under 24 hours. The funds will go toward bringing BUDDY to mass market. Since the project has reached its goal the units are expected to ship May 2016 and November 2016 to the public. Both the $499 and $599 offerings have sold out. The next tier up is a $649 BUDDY unit. BUDDY is truly a revolutionary companion robot that could really make life easier. The robot is open source and easy to use, BUDDY protects your home, entertains your kids, & helps you stay connected with the ones you love.

BUDDY was purposely built on an open-source technology platform using popular development tools, such as OpenCV and Unity3D, to allow as many global developers as possible to build applications for it. More developers will be able to build software and hardware solutions for BUDDY than for other companion robots because of BUDDY’s industry standard platform which includes the most popular programming languages and the mobile operating system Android.


Blue Frog Robotics, the developer of BUDDY, The Companion Robot Accessible to Everyone, was co-founded by former CRIIF (Robotics Lab) Executive Director Rodolphe Hasselvander. The goal at Blue Frog Robotics is to design and develop robots that are accessible to everyone and help people live easier and safer, and have fun. BUDDY is a revolutionary, affordable companion robot that assists people in daily life tasks, lets them stay connected to loved ones, entertains children, serves as a home monitor, and helps seniors and less mobile people lead more independent lives. Because BUDDY is built on an open-source technology platform, developers across the world can easily collaborate to build hardware and software for it.


BUDDY has a host of amazing features and applications. He can make phone or video calls for users, tracking faces with his head and following people around as required. He also has a built-in calendar, alarm clock and reminders system. With the Blue Frog Robotics team successfully reaching their goal so soon there seems to be a huge market for this new and unique autonomous robotics. To learn more about BUDDY visit their Indiegogo page.

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