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The EnGeniux OTON AyR Drone System Could Be A Gamecharger!

Posted by: on Apr 16, 2015 | No Comments

Today I would like to shed some light on another one of my projects that’s still in the works. It’s called the OTON AyR. Let me share a little information about myself. I been inventing and creating tech devices and platforms since 2004. I’m fascinated with technology and how it can benefit people. My area of expertise is gaming, but I often venture into an array of other technological areas. In 2012 I was working on my OTON X game console, which can create game levels or games without a developer. So one day I wanted to take a picture of the OTON prototype consoles from various angles. I wanted a full 360 degree view in one continuous shot. Right at that moment I had an idea…What if I could design a device that would hover to provide a hands-free perspective while taking pictures or videos, support PC functions, and just for kicks, support video augmentation and virtual reality gaming?  The OTON AyR was born! The idea was crazy in 2014 but as more autonomous drones came online the idea seems like a reality today in 2015.The AyR has some amazing features outside of gaming and pictures.

What Do You Get with the AyR:
• Cloud PC
• Reminder virtual assistance alerts
• Built-in rear HD projector
• Compact unit—one piece for easy storage
• Cloud storage
• Camera

Ayr Close look 1
Other stuff the AyR can do:
• Take photos
• Record videos
• Sync with your mobile

Stuff  you can do with the AyR?
• Watch movies on any surface when a TV isn’t present
• Watch video anywhere without a monitor (PC monitor not required)
• Talk to friends and project the conversation on the wall
• Play instant 2D game levels created by OTON AyR creation engine

OTON AyR PC Benefits
The OTON AyR can also serve as a cloud-based PC. The system allows you to store and upload data to the cloud. Easily store your most important documents, videos, and photos in one place. The OTON AyR design gives the unit flexibility to be mobile for on the go usage.  The OTON AyR PC can project real-time games and take 360-degree photos and videos with its built-in HD cameras. The system can hover around the user from a safe distance for hands-free photos and videos. The end users have complete control via the OTON AyR wristband they wear. The OTON AyR tracks signals from the OTON wristband for real-time communication and user synchronization.


The OTON eyewear takes in visuals from the OTON AyR, which hovers a few feet away from the users’ OTON eyewear. Now the OTON AyR eyewear can see from any distance or location as the OTON AyR feeds data to the user’s eyewear. I hope after we complete the OTON X final retail units I can continue developing the AyR and bring it to developers in the next few years. For an idea that people thought was impossible it seem the world is coming around to drone systems and devices. The platform will require more development and the most challenging part will definitely be the hover and movement but it’s possible based on the technology I seen over the last few years. Being an inventor it’s hard to shut your mind off with a constant flow of new ideas banging around the brain. However, for now, the AyR will be pushed to the back-burner until we complete the OTON X game console. What do you think about the OTON AyR system? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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