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Avago Technologies Acquire Chipmaker Broadcom For $37 Billion!

Posted by: on May 28, 2015 | No Comments

Well we woke up today with another mega deal between chipmaker Broadcom corp and Avago Technologies for $37 billion! A few days ago we had the Time Warner Cable deal with Charter Communications for $78 billion and before that we had the huge deal with Verizon and AOL for $4.4 billion. Exciting times in business sector with more to come in 2015. Below I attached a small paragraph  from my LA Times alert regarding the deal.


Irvine-based chipmaker Broadcom Corp. has agreed to be acquired by Avago Technologies Inc. for $37 billion in cash and stock, it was announced today.The deal shakes up the business of supplying the technological infrastructure behind a range of common products, from smartphones to wireless networks to cloud computing. The deal would create a company with a combined market value of $77 billion and combined revenues of $15 billion. In the last year, Broadcom stock has risen more than 80%, powered by strong demand for its chips, which are key components in common consumer products and functions including smartphones, wireless computer networks, movie and music streaming and cloud computing. (Source LA Times)

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