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Are You Ready For The Apple Watch?

Posted by: on Apr 10, 2015 | No Comments

Finally the wait is over, the official launch date of Apple Watch is announced that is 24 April 2015 and starting prices are from $349 to $17,000. In the last week of April this watch will be available on Friday in nine different countries. It is a smart iPhone compatible watch introduced by Apple Inc.
Apple introduces three different varieties of watches according to the user requirement and interest which are:


• Apple Watch Edition (made from 18 karat Gold with Sapphire)
• Apple Watch Sport (Fluor elastomer Strap with Aluminum and Ion Glass)
• Apple Watch Collection (made from Stainless Steel and Sapphire Crystal Glass)
Apple watch looks like a wrist watch from the front and it is not bulky at all. These Watches are water resistant, but to some defined point, because they are not waterproof. You can also wear this watch during exercise sessions.


Its interface is just similar to the smartphones. You can tap on any icon present on screen, scroll through the list and zoom in and out. Its screen is pressure sensitive, if you push the screen, then new options are open. There is a button below Digital Crown that has two functions. Firstly, it can take you to your contacts and secondly, it can activate your watch as a payment vehicle.


Screen-The screen is very bright and you can look at it easily from all glancing angles, such as while riding bike and in a crowded train.

• Battery Life-The bad thing about the watch is that you have to charge it every day.

• Functionality-This watch includes apps for message, calendar, weather reports, photos, maps, Facebook updates, email and much more. If you have iPhone then notifications of iPhone are also visible and actionable from your watch.

Interesting things about this watch is the music app that remotely controls your iPhone music and remote camera app that controls the camera on iPhone. The features of the Apple Watch Sport consists of fitness tracking capabilities, heart rate monitor, set calorie target, workout app, in which you can easily set your routines and goals and three rings of Activity app that motivates you to work out more and sit less and also shows your daily progress . You can make and receive calls because this watch includes mic and speaker. You can set reminders too. You can make sketches with your finger on watch and send them.There is absolutely no mistake about the sleek Apple Watch design but can this new gadget from Apple convert and bring new customers into the Apple family? Only time and sales will tell. Will you purchase the Apple Watch? share your thoughts in the comments!


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