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Amazon Acquires Startup ClusterK!

Posted by: on May 1, 2015 | No Comments

Today Amazon acquired the cloud start up ClusterK that can run apps on AWS at 10% of the regular price for a reported $20 to $50 million. This is defiantly a good move for Amazon as the number online storage leader continues to expand it ever growing base of products. With current Amazon earnings report, AWS generated $265 million in operating income from $1.56 billion in revenue in the first quarter of 2015. Amazon Web Services generated $5.16 billion in revenue last year. The plan could be for Amazon to integrate ClusterK technology into Amazon’s EC2 Spot Instances platform.

ClusterK was founded in 2013 by the core technical engineering team from Moleculo to make low cost, reliable compute infrastructure available to all cloud customers. Since then the startup has been busy helping customers save up to 90% off their compute costs from scientific compute, rendering, financial simulation, hadoop, spark, mesos to web tiers, caching tiers and more.

Amazon has made a great move with the acquisition of ClusterK and maintains a comfortable lead in the cloud infrastructure market ahead of some of their competitors like Microsoft, Google and IBM. How will the competition respond to Amazons latest cloud purchase is unknown. The Amazon Web Services was launched to provide online services for other web sites and client side applications in 2006 with much success. Amazon is still in my opinion the leader in the cloud storage space. Amazon’s AWS continue to grow especially showing $5 billion in revenue last year and now with ClusterK Amazon can definitely continue to be leader in the space.

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