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It’s Official: Google Becomes ‘Alphabet’ Under Restructuring Move

Posted by: on Oct 5, 2015 | No Comments

Well it’s officially Google becomes ‘Alphabet.’ Google Inc. on Friday finalized the move to reorganize as Alphabet, and its stock will begin trading as Alphabet on the Nasdaq under the same tickers “GOOG” and “GOOGL” on Monday. Each share of Google will be automatically converted to Alphabet stock. Don’t worry the search engine giant isn’t going anywhere. Google will still exist, but as a subsidiary to the new parent company.

It was reported in August 2015 that the Mountain View, California-based Google would create a new company that would oversee both its highly profitable Internet business and its growing list of other ventures that included self-driving cars, life science and artificial intelligent applications just to name a few. The move from Google to Alphabet was planned to provide more independence for its other divisions like Nest, which produce Internet-connected home devices, and Calico, which work include research and development in advanced technologies to increase the understanding of the biology that controls human lifespan.



The new Google venture stock “Alphabet” closed Friday at $626.91 up $15.62. A big win for Google/Alphabet stock holders. Will this announcement of the new company help the stock continue to rally next week is yet to be seen but the this move could be a big money win for Alphabet stock holders as the market settle in over the next few weeks.

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