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Aivvy Q Smart Headphones Seek To Revolutionize Music Headsets!

Posted by: on Apr 15, 2015 | No Comments

This morning I came across a new Kickstarter project called the Aivvy Q smart headphones that I personally think are simply an amazing new way to enjoy and organize your personal music. Let me describe what is cool about the Aivvy Q headphones, music immediately starts playing when you put the wireless headphones on. You can tap on the side of the ear cup to favorite a song, swipe forward to go to the next song, swipe backwards to rewind or rotate the entire dial to switch to a different music station.

The Aivvy headphones start at $249 up to $649 with special bonus and perks based on the package you select. Early bird supporters will 12 months of free music. The Aivvy comes with 40 million tracks yet the project does not confirm if it’s via partnership or if Aivvy provides the music for the service. The Aivvy Q project is staking claim that the Aivvy headphones are the first ‘Internet of Things’ headphones to hit the market. The initial project goal was $125,000 but the project has raised $170,975 with 8 days to go as of this blog post.

The really cool factor for me is how smart the Aivvy headphones are in regards to other basic headsets that are more focused on sound quality in stead of being a smart device plus music system. You can use Aivvy’s mobile app to view what’s playing and your listening history, as well as customize channels to your own musical preferences. Aivvy Q can also function like a traditional pair of headphones. Simply connect the powered off (passive mode) Aivvy Q to your phone or laptop with the included audio cable to take a call or watch a movie. I for one love a new twist to old technology and I think the Aivvy headphones are definitely a product to keep your eyes on in the near future! To learn more or donate to the project visit

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