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Google Acquires Startup With Tech To Stream Native Mobile Apps!

Posted by: on Jun 19, 2015 | No Comments

In breaking news today, Google has confirmed that it acquired a startup called Agawi. This news was recently shared online today from the news blog The Information. It seem that Google secretly acquired the startup today. Currently there isn’t any official report on how much the search giant paid for the startup. I digress,  I’m sure some of our amazing readers are wondering, who in the world is Agawi? And what does this company do? All great questions, Agawi developed technology that allow native apps to  stream over the internet without requiring users to download them first. This is kind of like the “try before you buy” offering tech that Agawi has developed. I can definitely see the potential of this type of tech for apps and applications for mobile.


It’s not clear how Google plans to use the startup technology but some reports have said Google could use it part of Google search platform. How will this affect the Google Play store is still up for debate. Could Google be trying to make the web more app-like-based platform? I personal like the idea of the “demo before you buy” idea. Could Google use the Agawi tech as a new way to monetize web searches for developers?  However, reports are clear that Google is trying to get people back on the web, back in front of search ads. Google generates roughly about $60 billion per year based on some reports, so I can see a effort to make sure that revenue stream remain in place.  Only time will tell if this secret acquisition of Agawi is beneficial for the worlds number one search giant.

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