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Forbes Names Affirmed Networks To ‘Next Billion Dollar Start-Up’ List!

Posted by: on Jun 5, 2015 | No Comments

Affirmed Networks inc. is headquartered at North Waltham, Massachusetts and it’s a new privately-held, venture capital supported, technology-based, network Management Company, which was founded by Dr. Hassan H. Ahmed, in 2010. The company brings in the concept of Software Defined Network or SDN, from typical enterprises or cloud data centres, to simply into your mobile phones. Today, people uses mobile phones to do all kind of works, like streaming data and video contents, live TV, video conferencing, e-commerce, movie download, social networking, etc. Virtually mobile phones are looked upon as a replacement of the PC and TV, in combination. Now 3G broadband services sometimes look primitive and 4G though has arrived in limited exposure, but it fails to deliver to the ballooning demand.

The company’s software uses virtualization solution process that helps to transform the normal mobile network into intelligent, virtualized network which enables them to deliver the services as per customer demand at almost broadband speeds. The Affirmed software solution helps to overcome the challenges faced by operators to run the networks in economically scaled manner. Using this software they can intelligently stream in multiple traffic networks to facilitate the customer to their particular needs and help them achieve multiple needs using the same network. These only means operators should provide customized services to create separate adaptable network profile for every user under a single network service. This helps the operators to scale down their operation cost without compromising the quality of services and hence better profitability. This is the real reason why investors are running after the Affirmed Software and pouring investment to push the company into Top Investors “The Next Billion Dollar Startups” list at the 5th position.


The similarity with the others is that they all are Venture capital backed companies and expect one all is stalwarts for decades. The importance of this latest Forbes List is to honor the new starting billion dollar tech companies and also showing importance to the backing investors. The list is prepared by judging the brand and its productivity value created challenges faced in changing economics and market dynamics. Their consistent growth and success prove their position. Affirmed Networks from incubation was backed by investor company CRV, with the idea of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) for a mobile network with few takers. Now after 5 years with huge struggle, Affirmed Network is taken as a standard as a provider for leading operator’s around the world, with clients like AT&T and LG U+.

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