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What Is 4K Resolution?

Posted by: on Mar 17, 2015 | No Comments

What is 4K resolution? 4K is basically a resolution that is now being used mainly is digital cinema and also in several computer graphics. There are several advantages of 4K resolution as compared to HD resolution of 720p and full HD resolution of 1080p. The first main advantage of 4K resolution is that it produces an image that is definitely of higher definition and quality. This allows the pictures and videos on the 4K resolution to be more detailed. The action that takes place on 4K resolution is not only better, but also clearer as compared to other resolutions. Moreover, the projection of 4K resolution is on a larger surface which means that this resolution can be projected on a big screen without running at a risk of making the pixels look dull and scattered.  The main reason why 4K resolution was named 4K is because it has 4000 pixels in the resolutions. These 4000 pixels exist on the horizontal resolution, whereas the 1080p and 720p have their resolutions on the vertical resolution. It is clear from the names of these formats that a 4K resolution is at least 4 times better than the other resolutions that are still being used in the industry.

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One noteworthy thing about 4K resolution is that in the 4K format, the horizontal resolution cannot be changed, but it does allow modifications to take place in the vertical resolution. This means that one may be able to obtain a frame size of 4096×2304 in the aspect ratio of 16:9, or one may be able to obtain a similar resolution of 4096×3072 in the aspect ratio of 4:3.  A full 4K resolution has over 12 million pixels in resolution and has a frame size of 4096×3112, whereas an Academy 4K resolution has over 9 million pixels but the frame size is modified to 3656×2664. On the other hand, the 4K resolution used in digital cinema has over 7 million pixels but the frame size is 4096×1714.

It is interesting to note that YouTube started to support 4K resolution somewhere around in 2010 which shows that this resolution does have some potential in it. It is currently the highest resolution that is available in the market and to the consumers. Currently the demand for 4K resolution cannot be seen due to availability of DVD players that do not support this resolution, but it would be safe to assume that demand for 4K resolution will definitely rise in the future when this technology will become more common.

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