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RoboCORE Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Build-Your-Own Robot Device

Posted by: on Feb 12, 2015 | 2 Comments
Custom Robot

RoboCORE Custom Robot


RoboCORE, a new Kickstarter project that give developers and system builders the ability to create custom robots launched on Kickstarter today with a goal of $50,000 and a time-frame of 30 days to get the project funded. The company’s website states developers can use their custom hardware robot heart in many different ways, there are so many scenarios to use RoboCORE in everyday life like: telepresence robots, cloud­controlled lawn mower, bartender ­ beer bringer, manufacturing devices, educational toys and more.

The RoboCORE platform includes one cloud-powered device (hardware) that is the center of your new DIY robots which can be used by professional or hobby users to create amazing robot concepts. In a nutshell the device hardware is basically a brain for your new DIY robot projects. I see developers and system builders really taking this platform and creating some very creative robots. The early bird kits start at $89 and mini kits start at $59. You can stream audio and video through the units. The Kickstarter page also states that you  can write code or update the firmware for your robot lying on the beach with your smartphone or tablet in one hand and a tasty drink in the other.

This project is very interesting, and the device is compatible with LEGO, Mindstorms, NXT and EV3 controllers. Based on the information on RoboCore project page programming the device is very simple. This could really be an awesome project if the RoboCORE Team can successful reach their goal. Go to the link below to check out the RoboCORE project and video on their Kickstarter page.


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      February 26, 2015

      Sounds like this could open up exciting opportunities for the right people. Hope to hear stories eventually about what projects people are using RoboCORE on.

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